Idiocy of whitewolf from Love-shy forums

13 Jan

whitewolf0079, a notable idiot and a douchebag from the Love-shy forums has something to tell you whiny incels


Why does everyone here want to set themselves up on the cross as the most hopeless martyr, It’s like everyone wants to beat the last poster on who has it worse. Ohh woe is me! No one will know the suffering I have had! Women don’t suffer only men! It’s like some people here have a persecution complex.

You want to know suffering…

I have a saying I picked up from an old AP history teacher… when something bad happens to me..”yeah that sucks…but it wasn’t the Bataan death march”


His douchebaggery is pointed out soon, with several posters telling him he’s a jerk with no empathy or brains. But our controversial friend fschmidt is concise and straight to the point, as usual

The Bataan Death March was 6 days. I was incel for 10 years. I would take the Bataan Death March over my incel experience any time.

Some time after  he makes this post on short skirts 

But what if many people like when women wear short skirts…then they are dressing awesomely in my opinion!

he’s told it’s fucking torture for a guy who doesn’t get sex and swiftly replies with…

So I should ask the guy driving the mustang to cover up his car because I want one?


After being reminded of the erroneous comparison of everyday women to sports cars, the false equivalence of romantic and sexual needs with the desire to own one and the total lack of consideration for love-shys and incels his only comment is…

I’m sorry I don’t bow down to the pity party that goes one here day after day.


fonduman reminds him that

theres also a difference between wanting something and having a unfulfilled biological need for it. you dont go waving burgers in front of starving childrens faces.

And The Creature describes his attitude perfectly


A word to the wise. On the Internet there are various dullards whos only leg up on those here in life is likely that they fared better in the genetic lottery and may get laid once in a blue moon from sheer volume of approaches or because they happened to be born a woman and therefore have intrinsic value in the sexual marketplace as a result. They actually believe that they are being clever or “trolling” by spending their time posting here trying to shit on people who in reality are only a notch on the societal totem pole below them, instead of doing what someone who is actually as great as they want you to believe they are would be doing with their time i.e. not fucking with a group of down and out people on an Internet message board.




Incels would surely be treated well on an Aspie forum?

6 Dec

Since many people suffering from Aspergers syndrome are also involuntary celibate it would be expected that there is more understanding to their plight, especially amongst Aspie women.

Well, it’s not quite so.

I found this old this old thread today. It’s about a now removed article on George Sodini. Aspie women soon lashed out- and I mean soon, in like first two posts.

Stellar has something to say

Great; some more whiny BS about guys thinking that life sucks because they can’t get laid. Sex is a privilege. No one has the right to another person’s body. Guys like this need to stop feeling sorry for their selves and either go pay a prostitute or stop being a whiny b. I’m also so tired of most of the relationship-less guys on WP acting like women are horirble because we won’t take a second look at them. Hello, maybe if you get off the internet for a few minutes, take a shower, stop being desperate, stop acting like we owe you something, stop acting like the world owes you something, then maybe we will be interested in you. Oh, its also funny to hear about guys complaining that they can’t talk to women. Most of them are capable of opening their mouths and speaking, and if they would only get offline or stop playing xbox for a few hours, they could go out and actually get better at this skill. It isn’t like we speak an alien language or something, Just be yourself, unless you’re a perv! Here’s a little secret key in the form of text. Work with what you got, and stop magnifying what you don’t have. I’m sure most average NON-SHALLOW women don’t expect you to go to college or to get rich. Most guys don’t want to suck up their pride and go for the women that they actually have a chance with. Its true. Even a lot of ugly or fat guys don’t want women who are as big or as ugly as them. This is another reason why I think a lot of guys on here “can’t” get laid.

Celoneth follows up with 

Forced epidemic of celibacy?
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
I certainly feel pity for these men – why back in the 50s, the lack of job opportunities and blatant discrimination against women in the workplace means someone would have to settle for guy who thinks of women as sex-giving sandwich makers! Now these bitches want all sorts of crazy entitlements like respect and being treated like an actual person instead of a higher quality blow up doll.No, the way things are now aren’t the way they’ve always been – thank the FSM for that.


Luckily, the men are more understanding…

yet another whiny little sh**?There is plenty of both good anf bad advice out there. Also, not everyone is interested in sex this sex that in the first place. asexuality exists, and some people just dont even care about relationships. As for me, I am a borderline asexual BUT id rather concentrate on fixing my own problems instead of finding sex like every other god damn human f***ing being is obsessed with. People need to LEARN to be f***ing happy with what they already have. Yes, I have had women interested in me numerous times, and I was and still am not interested, I just simply feel nothing for this silly little game called trying to get some. Yes, I will also admit I used to care at one point, and that was back in high school when I was a stupid, ignorant teenager.@ all the whiny guys: If you cant get any, at least you still have your hand. LEARN TO USE IT! I swear that the real reason women don’t “like ya” is because those of yas that do whine and b***h and moan about not getting any…. women just simply don’t like that. My suggestion? Stomach it, grow a pair and stop being a crybaby

The resident feminist (who has, btw, entered a relationship with her husband at the age of 18 and has been married to him for 16 years)  and who opposes prostitution is asked if there is no need for it…

one other thing. don’t discount my opinion because i dont need the product. nobody NEEDS the product. accessing prostitution is a choice, not a need. and as far a sex goes, we all have hands on here, and we can use them.

Another feminist, Bethie, has some thoughts, complaining about the language and comparing men who wants dating, sex and relationships to…well, see it for yourself

Sorry, I don’t put much stock in articles that refer to women as “chicks” and sex as “getting p****”.I can’t be bothered to pity men who want sex and can’t get it any more than men who want to play in the NBA and aren’t tall enough. Both are wants, not needs.

hyperlexian doesn’t understand why the suffering…

suffer from it? then why isn’t voluntary celibacy suffering? clearly, many people choose to be celibate, and the majority are fine with the choice. lack of sex does not necessarily mean suffering must follow.

And the lovely Bethie strikes again

Whether it’s my “nature” or not, I’ve yet to see the argument that differentiates the inability to have sex with the inability to kayak, knit, or perform a roundoff full twisting double layout in terms of the empathy I “should” have for the person in question.

Bethie compares rape and involuntary celibacy in an interesting way…

One is a trauma forced on you against your will through assault…
the other the result of your CHOOSING to equate your self-worth with ability to get sex.They’re not in any way analogous.

hyperlexian knows why Sodini did what he did… All he need was some good ol THERAPY !

ummmm, the shooter ‘scapegoated’ a bunch of people in a gym…i think that man is an interesting specimen in terms of studying his mental illness ONLY. i think trying to find ‘reasons’ puts the blame back onto the women who rejected him and found him unworthy.. and the rejected him for good reason, in retrospect…he was evidently capable of psychotic behaviour. that monster would have found victims one way or the other, because the problem was internal, not external… it was just a matter of what incident would set him off. were he a slightly different man it could have been rejection from employers or from his parents that precipitated the psychotic break.

it really has nothing at all to do with the women.


And so it goes on for the rest of the thread. This is the kind of shit incels get on supposed support forums. The most disgusting, vile and cruel treatment.

On the purpose of this blog

6 Dec

I created this blog to document heartless, obnoxious or just PC retarded statements on incel and incels online. Internet is full of them.